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• 11/27/2017

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• 4/3/2015

Photo of my New Kitten!!!

My new kitten, I named him Hairball.
[Kiiten Pic[1]]
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• 6/1/2014

Predictions for season 2?

New Trailer sees the return of the Caza Cartel and Charlie's undoing. Any preditcions on how its gonna turn out???
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• 10/6/2013

Does anyone know what the app Mike was using to learn spanish, in the pilot episode, is called? Please help

Please help me find out what this app is called. I can't find it ANYWHERE.
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• 9/16/2013


What song is playing while Jangles cuts Charlie?
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• 8/26/2013

Is Juan really Jangles

Who is really Jangles? Is it Juan? The Federale?
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• 6/25/2013


I turned on the Achievements today. Lemme know what you think. Offer some suggestions for customized badges.
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• 5/25/2013

character appearance

So Mike is the main character (at least that's the impression i got from the pilot), but he appears only the first 5 episodes or so according to imdb - in fact many of the characters does not make appearance in later episodes...will  that mean sth gonna happen to them/
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• 5/7/2013

Site Improvements

As the series premiere gets closer (June 6), our community is going through some design updates and tweaks. Your ideas and feedback is welcome as we get ready for the official premiere
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• 5/7/2013

USA Network Upfront

I'll be at the USA Network Upfront next week. Follow along with @GracelandWiki and @WhiteCollarWiki for all the excitement!
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• 4/23/2013

Graceland to Premiere Early on VOD

The premiere episode of Graceland (from White Collar boss Jeff Eastin) will be made available on video-on-demand from April 29 to May 12 -- more than one month before it officially launches June 6 following Burn Notice. It will be available on carriers including Comcast Xfinity TV, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, Cox Communications, Cablevision, DirecTV, Dish and Verizon FiOS.
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• 4/23/2013

Series Premiere

On April 3, 2013, USA Network announced the premiere date for Graceland: June 6, 2013 @ 10p/9c, right after the seventh season premiere of Burn Notice.
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