King's Castle
Season 1 · Episode 10
Rating TV14-DLV
Airdate August 22, 2013 (2013-08-22)
Writer Daniel Shattuck
Director Charlotte Sieling
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"Charlie, look. Chill! Ok. At least revel in the glory that is King's Castle."
―Johnny, referring to the bounce house he rented for Dale's birthday[src]


Tempers flare and relationships are pushed to the brink when Charlie discovers a secret about Briggs and begins working with a Federale to find the truth. Mike discovers that Juan is missing and that the FBI has a suspect: Paul Briggs.

Complete Synopsis (With Spoilers)Edit

Briggs buries Juan in the desert, believing him to be Jangles. A senior FBI agent calls in Mike, tells him of Juan's disappearance and the fact that Juan may have been wearing a wire, and asks Mike to investigate whether Briggs killed Juan. Mike then tells all this to Briggs, including that he has been investigating Briggs all along. He is satisfied that Briggs never knew Juan, but a computer check afterward tells Briggs just who he has killed. Meanwhlle, Bello will not give up Odin's identity to Charlie without full immunity. Charlie sends the still-recovering Mike into prison in the hope that Bello might talk to help him, but Briggs sabotages this plan by arranging that Bello see Mike and Charlie together, thus blowing Mike's cover. Charlie tells Cortes/Jangles her suspicion that Odin is an FBI agent, but does not give him that agent's name. Johnny arranges an unwelcome surprise party for Jakes' birthday, and the two come to blows when Jakes comes home after failing to reconcile with his ex-wife.


Guest StarringEdit


  • Owen Miller as US District Attorney
  • Wayne Legette as Bello's Lawyer
  • Raheem Babalola as Derek Raynes

Filming LocationsEdit


Graceland, Episode 10 - "King's Castle," Promo

Graceland, Episode 10 - "King's Castle," Promo


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