Odin Rossi
Actor: Daniel Sunjata — First Appearance: "Goodbye High" — # Episodes: "1 episodes"

Odin Rossi is a drug dealer in Southern California. His drugs are sold exclusively by Quinn.

Character ProfileEdit

According to drug users in and around Los Angeles, Odin is a ghost. He is described as a "giant Argentinean dude," a "white dude that wears a three-piece suit and works down town", a man who he killed his whole family so that there weren't any witnesses and as a diplomat who carries drugs in a briefcase so that it can't be searched. Supposedly everyone that has seen him is dead because he kills anyone who see his face.


Odin's drugs carry his mark, a red symbol for radioactivity.

In a meeting with Bello, instead of acting as a middle-man as was the plan between Mike, Charlie and himself, Briggs introduced himself as Odin.




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